Selangor Turf Club’s further investment into racing

Selangor racing action.
Selangor racing action.

As part of its drive towards excellence, the Selangor Turf Club is continuing the systematic upgrade of its product, with the latest innovation being a second upgrade of its Main Track.

Following the successful upgrade of the Main Track between the 950m to 850m in July last year, the Club will be adopting the same methodology using MIRAFI® FWL22-DR1 wicking drainage geotextile to significantly improve the drainage over 7500msq of the course with the particular area of focus being the 500m to the finish on the Main Course.

It is envisaged that with this upgrade to the Main Track, the Club will be better positioned to manage the anticipated surge in its horse population and the overall needs of racing.

It is estimated that the upgrade will take approximately 6-8 weeks. As is the norm with such significant renovations, the Main Track will be closed for racing from 15 April 2024, which is, after the running of the Tunku Gold Cup.

During this period of closure, all races will be held on Track II with the Club when necessary using false rails to manage the volume of racing. The most common distance for races conducted on Track II : sprint distance 1020m, 1150m, middle distance of 1275m and 1700m, 1722m, 1775m & 1797m for the long distance.

Author: iRace