Van Niekerk sacked by the Hong Kong Jockey Club

Grant van Niekerk's jockey license is withdrawn with immediate effect.

South African Grant van Niekerk has been sacked by the Hong Kong Jockey Club with immediate effect.

Licensing Committee’s Decisions

Club Jockey Grant van Niekerk

The Licensing Committee today withdrew the Club Jockey’s Licence previously issued to Grant van Niekerk with immediate effect.  This decision was as a result of a conduct-related matter which does not pertain to any race riding or other racing integrity-related matter.

As a result of the Licensing Committee’s decision, the Stewards have approved the following race riding substitutions for the Happy Valley race meeting to be conducted on Wednesday, 8 April 2020:-

Race 1:            V Borges on CENTENARY IBIS

Race 2:            K C Leung on ELECTRIC LIGHTNING

Race 4:            M F Poon on TRAVEL DATUK

Race 5:            Z Purton on YOUNG LEGEND

Race 6:            C Schofield on LARSON

Race 8:            C Schofield on LOVING A BOOM