Tye Angland update

Tye Angland: HKJC

The Australian Jockeys Association (AJA) provided an update on Tye Angland on Tuesday.

Chairman of the AJA, Des O’Keeffe, said the spinal cord injury he suffered in the fall last November could not be repaired and that Angland’s condition is of a quadriplegic.

“Tye has some movement in his arms but is unable to walk,’’ O’Keeffe said in a statement.

“Tye remains at the Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Sydney as he continues his recovery and rehabilitation.

“Together, the family are currently working with a range of stakeholders in terms of co-ordinating and financing Tye’s on-going care and the family’s long-term needs.

“His wife Erin and the couple’s three children Alexis, Addison and Rylan continue to be amazed by the support they have received and wish to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to them.’’


Author: iRace